Monday, 13 August 2007

Time and tide melt the snowman...

August, now nearly half-way through, is a slow month as far as the play is concerned.

Nick is busy with all the finishing touches that are required and the rest of us just sit back and enjoy what is jokingly called the summer weather.

I suppose that I should really be reading the script and learning my non-lines. To explain that rather strange comment, I am playing Dalek Two in the play and yes there are lines to speak... but not by me! Dalek dialogue will be done live for each performance from the wings but I still have to know the lines so I can flash my lights in sync with the voice.

The difficult bit has been done though, I've been through the script and highlighted all the bits where I need to flash - as so to speak.

The next big event is the full read through of the script before we start the rehearsals. These begin in September and the read through will be happening on 3 September at a location that is sworn to secrecy.

I suppose that I should be enjoying the peace and quiet at the moment, 'cause it's goning to be a hectic September and a mental October.