Tuesday, 25 September 2007

My end is in sight!

Owing to the rather interesting mix of Blocks 4 and 5 last time, we did the same yesterday (September 24) to make sure that the rehearsal schedule was kept to. This means that we are now only one more session away from completing a total run trough of the play.

Friday (September 28) will see Block 6 given the full treatment. This will also be the last time that any of us will be allowed to have scripts with us as well.

I've also been promoted in a way... I'm still playing Dalek Two, but as the operator for Dalek One was unavailable last night it was decided that when a sole Dalek is required during part of Act Two that I should take role. What this does mean, apart from having to learn more of the script, is that I'll need to switch Daleks now as there is something rather special about the other casing.

So farewell Groucho and hello Alfred. Alfred is a more solid construction (again by Ashley Nealfuller) as he's made mostly from wood as opposed to fibreglass. Just as I've got used to swinging around in a nice light casing, now I'll really have to put some extra effort into it as Alfred is a lot heavier!

Dalek Spy header

As Block 5 has now gone into rehearsal, Dalek Spy has an exclusive video interview with the Director Nick Scovell. Owing to the length of the video and its hosting, it's been split into three parts.

UPDATE: The audio sync problem seems to be vastly improved now that I've re-edited the interview into three files as opposed to the original two.