Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Welcome to my unconventional conventionalists

As with last year's production, this year will see another mini-convention on the Saturday featuring (work commitments permitting) cast and crew from both the original and new Doctor Who.

Confirmed are:

  • Nick Briggs - voice of the Daleks (amongst others) in the current series
  • Barnaby Edwards - principal Dalek operator in the current series
  • David J Howe - historian and collector, who will be the MC for the event
  • Peter Labrow - webmaster of the Dalek Links site
  • Terry Molloy - Davros from 1984 to 1989 on TV and Big Finish audios
  • Rob Shearman - writer of the 2005 episode "Dalek"

This is a fantastic mix of guests, which should provide a fascinating time for all those lucky enough to be coming along.

What's more, I have been asked to coordiante this event!

That means I'll be getting unrestricted access to all the guests (that's my autographs and photos shorted!) throughout the Saturday afternoon. My role will be to make sure that they get to the theatre, are looked after fully once there and to ensure that everything runs smoothly for them.

Who would have thought that from originally being a Dalek I would now have the second entrance at the start of the play, be responsible for the mini-convention and... well, that would be telling at the moment - just wait and see!