Saturday, 22 September 2007

On with the motley...

Well I was wrong! Last night (September 21) didn't see us having another run at Block 3. Instead we went straight into Block 4, which is the start of Act Two! Owing to one of the principals being rather ill some of Block 4 was dropped back until next week and we went on into Block 5. It's all coming together now, I can tell you.

There was a major surprise, but if I tell you then I'd not only have to kill you but also kill myself, for us as well. You're in for a treat!

Dalek Spy header

Dalek Spy has got three major bits of behind the scenes news for you this time round. There's three little words from Block 4, an exclusive video interview with James George (who's playing Mavic Chen) and a couple of photos, so sit down, relax and enjoy!

  • treachery
  • hostile
  • colonised
  • Nick Scovell (the Doctor), Tim Skedge (Bret Vyon) and Laura Ford (Sara Kingdom)
  • Part of a Dalek
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Nick Scovell (the Doctor), Tim Skedge (Bret Vyon) and Laura Ford (Sara Kingdom Part of a Dalek