Monday, 8 October 2007

All change

It was all a little hectic tonight as word reached us that John-Paul McCrohon who was playing Steven Taylor will not be able to be involved anymore due to personal reasons. Stepping into the breach at the last minute is James Adamson, so he was given a whirlwind introduction and we then ploughed into the end of Act Two followed by the entrance of the Daleks in Act One and finished with the very beginning of the play. Talk about jumping around!

We also welcomed other new people who will be used in the crowd scene at the start and will be swelling the numbers of the delegates later on.

With just over two weeks until we open, it's all starting to come together very nicely. My nerves still haven't set in... yet.

Dalek Spy header

Due to technical difficulties with the interview, I've removed the links and it will be online again next week.

You can now find the interview on the October 16 post "We must act now... part 1".