Sunday, 21 October 2007

We must act now... part 2

Last Friday's rehearsal (October 19) was where we had two complete runs at the second act and it's all fitted together very nicely.

On a side note, during the week it had been James Adamson's (Steven Taylor) birthday and to celebrate he brought along the Tenth Doctor / TARDIS cake to be shared out. Needless to say, they was some discussion over who would be eating which bit of Mr Tennant! I settles for his face, while someone else (who will remain nameless) opted for the groin!

James, as I mentioned before, has stepped in very late in the day to take over the part of Steven. I'd just like to say that in the last two weeks he's been with us, he's done exceptionally well to learn the script and bring a polished performance.

Sunday (October 21) sees the final rehearsal before we hit the theatre for dress and technical runs. It'll also be when Nick Briggs joins us to bring his necessary vocal talents.