Wednesday, 24 October 2007

It's the final countdown

Another delayed start for our last rehearsal on Tuesday (October 23) unfortunately. We did manage a full technical run of both Act One and Act Two and didn't have to stop at any point, which was really good.

What didn't help was that as the Daleks were backstage ready for Act Two, we got told that our entrance was going to be different - but not what it was! It wasn't until we appeared and did what we had been doing that Nick Scovell ran over and told us the change. We were able to fit this in without any disruption to what was happening at that point.

I'll have to go in extra early tomorrow as there as some adjustments to my Dalek, for plot reasons, that still have to be made and then tested.

Curtain up (although the New Theatre Royal doesn't actually have a curtain!) is 7.30pm, so everyone must be there by no later than 6.30pm.

This is it - it's real and it's happening!

Dalek Spy header

Time for another interview, this time with the composer of the score - Martin Johnson. Please note that this was filmed in low-light conditions and at the moment this is the best quality I can get. I will attempt to get a clearer version online as soon as I can.